Branding goes trough the ball band

In Italy Rial Filati as brand is well know trough the knitters and we learned how important it is to be well know and recognisable.

Branding especially when it’s connected to quality and care is a very important selling point.

As we worked more and more with europeans and world wide partners we were invested in delivering the same high quality product and at the same time building the brands that would help our partners in the challenge of selling and being recognisable.

Our goal is to ship our product, ready to go on shelf, knowing that the brand on the band is so important the yarn balls will be:

  • Shipped in packages
  • With your customised ball band
  • With all the tags already required for selling in your country

Trough the year our clients can always count on our stock service to go trough selling peaks or to more evenly distributed sales.

Top quality gives you the best branding, if you are interested in our white label wool yarns feel free to contact us.

Rial Filati already supplies many business worldwide but at the same time values privacy, we would never let this information go trough as in the first place we know how much branding and trust are important.