Our new product: L’Eccellenza

We have launched a new product on the market: The Excellence. Yes, you read correctly, a yarn that carries in its name the promise of a product that is the result of continuous research, passionate commitment, and meticulous attention to detail.

But what exactly is The Excellence? It is a gassed and mercerized cotton yarn, two terms that perhaps not everyone knows, but which represent the essence of the superiority of this product. But let’s go in order, let’s explain a bit what it means.

Gassed cotton, or gassed, is cotton that has undergone a gassing process. This procedure, which involves exposing the yarn to a flame, burns off the shorter and superfluous fibers that protrude from the surface, giving the yarn a smoother, shinier, and more resistant appearance. So, when you hear about gassed cotton, think of a high-quality yarn, more resistant and with a more refined finish.

As for the term mercerized, it refers to a treatment that cotton undergoes to increase its shininess. This process, devised by British chemist John Mercer in the 19th century, involves immersing the cotton in a solution of sodium hydroxide, followed by an acid rinse. This procedure changes the chemical structure of the cotton, making it shinier, more resistant, and able to better absorb colors during dyeing.

Now that you know better these two processes, imagine a cotton yarn that has undergone both: this is precisely L’Eccellenza.

Rial Filati has invested time, research, and passion in a cotton yarn that combines both gassing and mercerization. The result? A product that fully reflects the name it carries: The Excellence. A yarn that stands out for its resistance, its shine, and its ability to absorb colors, to give you a product that will leave you breathless.

So, prepare your creative hands, because with The Excellence, your next project will truly be a work of art!