Quality and safety

The excellence of workmanship and raw materials has always been the strong point of the production of Italian companies; today this is even more important, because it is essential to distinguish from the mass of articles with low cost but low quality.

Because of this Rial Filati has decided to invest up to that effect, to ensure its customers only the best products.

In fact, the bulk of the Rial’s yarns is the result of a 100% Italian production, designed to offer those who use our products the serenity of knowing what they are using.

Great attention was paid to the choice of producers to lean on, for example, through a careful selection of suppliers and companies employees, our pure merino wool yarns are treated to be non-shrink, even when washed in the washing machine and the dyes used are totally non-allergenic and certified by the European Community.

This is just one example of the quality pursued by Rial and of course our efforts do not end there, because our goal is the satisfaction of those most important to us: our customers.